Heavy Duty TPO Marine Components

Thermoplastic Polyolefin Elastomer (TPO) is a compounded Olefin /Rubber composite that is a great replacement for rubber because if its material properties.

  • Special blended material provides excellent stiffness
  • Great low temperature impact performance
  • Non-marking to boats
  • Notable UV stability

Bow Rollers

Image Part No. Description Dimensions
TPO40204 4" Bow Roller See Diagram
TPO40002 4" End Bell See Diagram
TPO40309 4" End Cap KR 5/8" BR 1/2"
TPO40202 3" x 3" Bow Roller See Diagram
TPO40006 3" End Bell
TPO40300 3" End Cap
TPO40207 3.5" PWC Bow Roller See Diagram
TPO40008 3.5" PWC End Bell

Keel Rollers

Image Part No. Description Dimensions
TPO40221 5" Keel Roller See Diagram
TPO40208 8" Keel Roller See Diagram
TPO40209 10" Keel Roller See Diagram
TPO40218 12" Keel Roller See Diagram

Keel Pads and Bumpers

Image Part No. Description Dimensions
TPO40100 10" Bumper See Diagram
TPO40414 2.75" x 1.62" Bumper
TPO40402 15" Keel Guard See Diagram
TPO40405 3" x 12" Keel Pad, Center Hole See Diagram
TPO40406 3" x 12" Keel Pad, Side Hole See Diagram
TPO40430 1.5" x 12" Keel Pad
TPO40101 1.5" x 10" Keel Pad
TPO40404 9" x 2.5" Keel Pad See Diagram