TPO Marine Components

Thermoplastic Polyolefin Elastomer (TPO) is a compounded Olefin /Rubber composite that is a great replacement for rubber because if its material properties.

  • Special blended material provides excellent stiffness
  • Great low temperature impact performance
  • Non-marking to boats
  • Notable UV stability

Keel Rollers

Image Part No. Description
40221-TPO 5" Keel Roller
40208-TPO 8" Keel Roller
40209-TPO 10" Keel Roller
40218-TPO 12" Keel Roller

Bow Rollers

Image Part No. Description
40204-TPO 4" Bow Roller
40202-TPO 3" x 3" Bow Roller
40207-TPO 3.5" PWC Bow Roller

End Bells and End Caps

Image Part No. Description Dimensions
40002-TPO 4" End Bell See Diagram
40006-TPO 3" End Bell See Diagram
40008-TPO 3.5" PWC End Bell See Diagram
40300-TPO 3" End Cap See Diagram
40309-TPO 4" End Cap KR 5/8" BR 1/2" See Diagram
27214-TPO 3" End Cap 1/2" Shaft See Diagram
27215-TPO 4" End Cap 1/2" Shaft See Diagram
27230-TPO 3" End Bell 1/2" Shaft
27240-TPO 4" End Bell 1/2" Shaft

Keel Pads and Bumpers

Image Part No. Description
40100-TPO 10" Bumper
40414-TPO 2.75" x 1.62" Bumper
40402-TPO 15" Keel Guard
40405-TPO 3" x 12" Keel Pad, Center Hole
40406-TPO 3" x 12" Keel Pad, Side Hole
40430-TPO 1.5" x 12" Keel Pad
40101-TPO 1.5" x 10" Keel Pad
40404-TPO 9" x 2.5" Keel Pad