Sled Deck Ramp Bridge Dimensions:
Sled Deck Ramp Bridge Dimensions:

A safe and effective universal loading solution!
  • Quickly add Ramp Bridge on your Ramp for instant access of loading/unloading of your snowbike
  • Comes with 2 ramp grips per kit that can be located on the ends of the ramp bridge
  • Easily cut inside edges of Ramp Grips to let the bridge fit cross rails over 1"
  • Easily cut Ramp Bridge length according to the length of your ramp
  • Can be used on a sled deck ramp or any trailer or truck ramp
  • Additional sets can be used along side of each other for additional glide and traction walking surface
Manufacturer Suggested Retail Pricing

Sled Deck Ramp Bridge
90" Ramp walking track bar

Available at your local dealer!
Ramp Pro

Read all instructions before using Sled Deck Ramp Bridge.

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